Finding The Perfect Wedding Dress

Find a boutique where you connect with the owner, you’ll spend a lot of time with them during your dress buying journey! 

The first bridal boutique I went to was beautiful but the owner wanted to spend more time telling me how beautiful and slim her daughter was and trying to fit me into a size 8 dress! I’m absolutely not a size 8 nor did I want to hear how perfect her daughter was – this was my dress buying experience! I subsequently found a small local, family owned business who treated me like I was their only customer and their service was second to none! 

Be open minded about shapes, colours, designs and fabrics. Your wedding dress should be the most perfect dress you ever wear so don’t be swayed by current trends and specific designers. TRY ON EVERYTHING, even if you think it is absolutely not your style. The one could be the one you least expected! 

Listen to your friends and family and if they don’t shed a little tear, it’s probably not the one!

Look for shapes to compliment your figure, skin tone and height. A wedding dress is never going to be like your favourite PJ’s but it shouldn’t be so uncomfortable as to make your day miserable! Remember you’ll be wearing it for a long time during the day (unless you plan outfit changes) and corsets can be painful if you’re not used to them! 

Also consider practicalities like time of year, the venue and any access restrictions and how big the loos are! Yes really! Underwear also plays a big factor as not every dress needs it or works well with it, but you may not feel comfortable without it so bear this in mind and ask questions! 

Consider the type of shoes you would like to wear and how they fit with the length and style of your dress. It’s also important to consider if there is anything on your dress that heels could get caught on (no one wants to go flat on their face on their wedding day!) or if a flatter style would be more suitable – with long, full dresses no one sees them anyway so your dream Jimmy Choos may not make a star appearance on the day! 

You should also consider how your chosen dress works with other elements such as a veil or a shrug/wrap – if these are important to you it’s important to consider how they fit with the styling of your dress. 

Ultimately your dress should be an extension of you and make you feel like the princess/superhero/incredible person you are!

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