How to Plan the Ultimate Hen Weekend

Know your audience 

From the most debaucherous to the most refined, your hen weekend should be exactly what you want it to be. However, it is important to consider your guests and whether one plan is suitable for all? A wild weekend with your closest friends together with a beautiful afternoon tea or spa day with relatives may cater for all requirements without anyone feeling left out. 

Destination – UK or overseas?

The destination for some brides is key, whilst the activities are more important to others. It’s important to consider everyone you want to invite and whether your plans will be inclusive if you go abroad. 

Decide what is important to you! The people that are there, the activities you do, how wild it is, refined or classical. 

Budget, budget budget 

Budget is so important for so many reasons, not least of all so the event is inclusive for your guests. The wedding itself can be very expensive for guests so it’s important to consider other costs too. If you plan on travelling abroad or having an expensive UK based hen weekend then give your guests as much notice as possible so that they can plan this into their budget. Think about what you may want to pay for yourself and what you will ask your guests to pay for. Could you split the day into sections so your guests can choose what they attend to suit their budget or preferences. 

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