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I will source, vet and book suppliers on your behalf to best suit your requirements, preferences and budget. 

I will conduct all liaison with booked suppliers from point of booking to on the day set up.

I will negotiate prices/deals on your behalf and ensure you get the best option for your budget. 

I will keep you fully informed of all supplier contact, updates and resolve any issues that may arise and gain your written consent to proceed with engaging with a supplier.

I will advise you on the latest trends, themes, venues and packages for your perfect day. 

I will be there to support you throughout the whole planning journey and ensure that you enjoy every minute of it. 

I will deal with problems as they may arise on your behalf. 

I will attend any personal appointments that you would like me to – dress fittings, cake tasting, menu tasting, health and beauty etc.

I will have difficult conversations on your behalf with family members etc if there is a requirement to do so.

I will be there from the very start of the day to ensure set up is completed to your specifications, perform any last minutes tasks, ensure guests are in the right place at the right time and deal with any on the day issues.

I can support any aspect of your wedding or event from the smallest detail to full planning services. If you would just like some information on trusted suppliers I can provide this to you. I can arrange one aspect of your event to everything. 

By spending time getting to know their likes/dislikes, what is important to them and their partner/family, what their day means to them and how they would like to share this with others. I will be your trusted advisor and confidant for the duration of the planning service and beyond if this works for us both! If we don’t ‘click’ then the contract won’t work and I will suggest another planner for your needs. 

A full services list is available on my website, however, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Yes. This is to protect both parties and so that there is a clear definition of what the planning service will involve.